Meet the 99 Apps Team

Natalie Ostroff - Co-Founder of 99 Apps

Natalie Cookson is a Bio-Engineer from UC San Diego after having done her Undergrad work at UPENN in Philadelphia.

Having a passion for technology and the new mobile world, Natalie co-founder 99 Apps at the start of 2010 with her brother, Nick Ostroff. Natalie is the head technology coordinator and operates the day to day cycle of development for 400+ clients.

Nick Ostroff - Co-Founder of 99 Apps

Nick Ostroff is a 1997 Graduate from U.C. Berkeley in the study of Economics. Spending a year abroad in Tokyo, Japan helped push Nick into a love of efficiency, business and technology.

After graduation, Nick partnered with his college friends Jim Hwang and Peter Lien to start a furniture business in Los Angeles. Still going strong 13 years later, The Sofa Company has 5 retail showrooms and a 60,000 sq ft factory in Commerce, California.

Dabbling in technology with the furniture business for the last decade, Nick discovered a true interest and passion in technology and co-founded 99 Apps with his sister, Natalie Cookson in 2010. Understanding the needs of small business owners, Nick helped lead the charge of creating simple to use and implement mobile tools for businesses throughout the US.

In the spring of 2011, 99 Apps transitioned to a full time office and setup in Commerce and nowemploys about a dozen business leaders and mobile programming specialists.

Angela Stoner - Sales Director

Angela Stoner took the lead as the Chief Director of Sales at the start of 2011. With over a dozen years under her belt in direct sales as well as management, Angela has been rolling out a sales team to service clients world wide.

Angela will be available daily at our general sales line (877-299-2777 x 1) to help both new and current clients take advantage of our new products and services.

Jim Hwang - Customer Services Director

Friends and business partners with Nick and Peter since the UC Berkeley days, Jim Hwang joined the management of 99 Apps at the start of 2011 to help the rapid growth.

Jim's day to day focus is on the operational and office management of 99 Apps helping to grow a technical production team as well as supporting hundreds of new clients since beginning of year.

Peter Lien - 99 Apps Partner Director

Peter Lien is our Chief Evangelist as he is engaging new partners throughout the community.

Enjoying helping partners and business owners connect their brand to current and future clients is Peter's day to day goal. Shoot him an email or call anytime to discuss synergies big or small.