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California Restaurant Association

California cuisine has become a phenomenon, setting the standard for culinary and hospitality innovation worldwide. The California Restaurant Association (CRA) strives to be the definitive voice for this vibrant business, infusing our member restaurants’ signature creative spirit into our own mission as we help move the industry forward.

As the oldest restaurant association in America with more than 100 years experience, the CRA offers industry insiders unparalleled insight into the state's vibrant restaurant and hospitality industries. We constantly strive to simultaneously improve the restaurant business and to breed the next generation of food service leaders, ensuring the future of this vital industry.

With more than 90,000 eating and drinking establishments currently operating in California, an estimated $56.7 billion in food and drink sales in 2009 and the generation of $4.5 billion in California sales tax per year, restaurants are indisputably a driving force in both the state employment and revenue sectors. More than 1.4 million food industry jobs are currently in existence and there will be 1.6 million jobs in this field by 2020*.

The CRA is proud to support an industry that is not only known for its creativity and innovation, but also for its significant impact on the general well-being of California. We hope that you will join us in enhancing industry opportunities for success and in keeping California’s restaurants and cuisine unique, exciting and fresh.


The Distinguished Restaurants of North America is a non-profit organization that, by recognizing excellence, seeks to promote fine dining throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The organization was founded in 1990 with a mission to serve as the authority for recognizing and promoting excellence in dining.

Associations - MEMBERS

National Restaurant Association

The members of the National Restaurant Association come from every corner of the restaurant/hospitality industry. Our restaurant members come from chef-owned restaurants, family restaurant chains, quickservice franchisees, contract foodservice organizations, and all other segments of the industry.

Some are small independent businesses with a single location, and others are large companies with thousands of locations worldwide. And some of our members are restaurants operating within entirely different businesses. They are located inside hospitality businesses such as hotels and inside retail businesses such as grocery or convenience stores. They operate foodservice in schools, hospitals and workplaces.

The Association also has thousands of allied members — suppliers, distributors and consultants who serve the industry itself — and student and faculty members who are part of our industry’s educational community.

Colorado Restaurant Association

Founded in 1933, the Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA) is the leading trade organization for the state's dynamic foodservice industry. Together with the CRA Education Foundation, the CRA represents, educates and promotes an industry comprised of more than 10,000 eating and drinking establishments that provide Colorado with:

- More than 230,000 jobs - more jobs than any other non-goverment employer

- $8 Billion in annual Sales

- Thousands of appetizing, healthy and nourishing choices

The CRA has approximately 4,500 restaurant members and over 200 allied trade members that provide products and services to the foodservice industry. The CRA offers independently owned restaurant members a dual membership with the NRA.